Friday, November 28, 2014
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Adopt a Bookshelf


Adopt a book shelf program, a fundraiser. To support our yearly budget, we would like 100 people to donate $100. The donor choses a bookshelf to be labeled with either the donor name, business name, or in memory/in honor of someone. Click HERE to contact us.

Adopt An Author


Are you an avid reader and library user? Would you like to help the library purchase more copies of your favorite author's works, and get some special perks at the same time? Adopt an author! Each time your chosen author  publishes a new title, the library will ask you to donate $22.
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Children's Events


The Mount Union Community Library is committed to helping area children keep active in the world of reading. We are getting ready to kick off our summer reading programs!


***Join us in the library on the following dates for the "DREAM BIG-READ!" interactive literacy program. Children of all ages are welcome and there is no need to pre-register, just show up! We will have fun books, games, activities and snacks. We are also planning an extra fun celebration for the end of the summer! Programs will fall on these dates at 11 AM. June 20 and 27, July 11, 18 and 25. August 1.

***Also this summer will be our at-home reading initiative program. This will encourage children to continue reading during the summer months. This program is open to all children, from pre-readers to teens. Children will need to sign up at the library, where they will receive a summer reading packet that includes a logbook in which to record how much time they spend reading during the summer. As in the past, prizes will be awarded to children who meet various reading goals over the course of the program.

If you are interested in helping with our children's programing or would like to know more about them, please let us know!

Welcome to the Mount Union Community Library

New Reads


Following are reviews of the latest additions to our collection:




-The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark


Biblical scholar Jonathan Lyons believes he has found the rarest of parchments - a letter that might have been written by Jesus Christ.  Stolen from the Vatican Library in the 1500's, the parchment was thought to be gone forever. Shortly after Lyons confides his find to a family friend, he is found shot to death.  His wife who suffers from Alzheimer’s is found in the closet holding the murder weapon.  Daughter Mariah is left to clear up her mother’s murder charge, solve the mystery behind her father's death, and find the priceless treasure.



-Stay Close by Harlan Coben


 A mysterious connection to three people from long ago surfaces again. Megan, a suburban mother used to walk on the wild side at a strip club.  Ray, used to be a talented documentary photographer but now finds himself working as a second rate paparazzo at parties for rich kids.  Jack, a still good detective, can't let go of a case from 17 years ago that involved a husband who disappeared into the night.  These three people who today live lives they never wanted are brought together through the consequences of long ago events.


-Loving by Karen Kingsbury


The fourth and the final book of the Bailey Flannigan series begins with Bailey planning her wedding day and making decisions about her future. Will she spend her life with Brandon Paul in Los Angeles or will she be drawn back to Indiana to spend her life with Colby?  She has grown up much over the years but faces more challenges, joys, and heartbreaks. (note from reviewer: if she is planning her wedding, shouldn't she at least know who is to be the groom?)


-Raylan by Elmore Leonard 


The author brings back US Marshal Raylan Givens, the Hero of the FX  series Justified. With the coal mines closing in Harlan County Kentucky, marijuana has become the biggest cash crop, but selling human organs has a much higher profit.  Marshall Gives must go up against three different female crooks: a transplant nurse illegally harvesting organs, a viperous coal company VP, and a poker playing University Co-ed who may be robbing banks to support her habit.  It is up to the laconic marshal to track down the bad guys or in this case gals.


-Guilty Wives by James Patterson


Abbie Elliott and her three best friends step off a private helicopter and into an exclusive hotel in Monte Carlo.  After four days of fun, sun, champagne, discos, and casinos, Abbie awakens on a yacht surrounded by police.  She and her friends are arrested for a terrible crime and the vacation of a lifetime turns into the fight of a lifetime- to survive.


-Capital Murder by Phillip Margolin


PI Dana Culler and Attorney Brad Miller, who is now working as a Congressional aide, are fighting crime together again.  They are dealing with an escaped murderer, threats of terrorist attacks on US soil, sex scandals, and blackmail involving compromising photos of the Congressman. The fast action of this novel moves from Portland, Oregon to Washington DC.


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